Candea Development Explains the Importance of Urban Development

Armand Candea

Brothers Armand Candea and Alan Candea are the Co-Founders and CEOs of Candea Development, LLC. The company is a well-known real estate development company operating within the greater Chicago area. The primary mission of Candea Development is to create unique, well-made properties for people within a wide range of incomes and backgrounds.
The Candea brothers take pride in their ability to revitalize communities and renovate or build properties that add value to a neighborhood. With Chicago’s many 19th century buildings, Armand Candea understands the importance of protecting historical buildings and strives to preserve historical features within his property whenever possible.
Currently, there is a great need within the Chicago area for housing for lower-income families. Within the last few years, reports have shown an increase in rental rates while also a decrease in the number of housing properties. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number has only been exaggerated as the national economy has declined, and fewer residents are able to afford their rent. However, the last few months have seen a growing number of businesses reopen within Chicago, and as people return to the city to work, more properties must be created to meet the demand.
Once again, Chicago sees a need for more housing, and property developers like Candea Development are excited by what the future holds. While the Candea brothers have previously bought properties in neighborhoods such as Andersonville and Ravenswood, they are looking to expand into other districts within the next year.
Armand Candea of Candea Development is dedicated to giving back to the communities he works with by creating one-of-a-kind properties that will bring young professionals to their neighborhoods. Armand believes that it is his company’s responsibility to not only develop properties that will cater to a variety of lifestyles and incomes within the Chicago area but also to protect historical buildings as they are adapted to residential properties.
The importance of real estate development lies in its ability to create community between neighbors, add to the history of an area, and increase value within a neighborhood. What makes Chicago’s real-estate distinctive is the innovative spirit of its architects and property developers and their ability to mix styles and create unique properties. As the economy continues to improve, the landscape of Chicago and its neighborhoods will continue to change and add to the city’s rich history.



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Armand Candea

Armand Candea is a founding partner of Candea Development in Chicago and writes about real estate news.