Armand Candea Talks About How to Make the Most Out of Limited Apartment Space

Armand Candea, co-founder of Chicago real-estate development firm Candea Development, has worked in construction and real estate for many years. He and his brother Alan developed properties that had adequate space for their residents. As we all know, living in apartments usually have limited space to live comfortably, but the Candea Development team developed floor plans that provided tenants the right amount of space to be happy living in. Mr. Candea provides information on how you can make the most out of limited apartment space.

No matter what the square footage is of the apartment you are living in, it all boils down to how smart you are in making your space as efficient as possible. So, let us begin with being creative in finding extra storage in your space. Look for areas above your cabinets, or space above any doors for creating room for a shelf or two. There is almost any space you can take advantage of if you just look up high and find it. You can even invest in little hooks that you can hang on the wall to input a rack, or hanging basket, just about anything you want to store a few more items. If you have the DIY spirit, make sure you go vertical.

Make room dividers for functional storage solutions, this means if you have small spaces that require room dividers to make space its most livable, use a divider to separate items and to declutter your area around you. Also, nothing makes a room seem claustrophobic when you see everything, so find a way to conceal it. Use curtains to hand across doorways or shelving, or find a box or basket that you can put things in that either have a lid or is deep enough to store things in. You can also find furniture with built-in, hidden storage, which would be worth the investment.

Declutter, I know for some of you this is extremely hard to hear, but let us be honest here, if you have a lot of unnecessary items that you really do not need, get rid of it. There is no reason to hold onto stuff that has been collecting dust. You will save space and feel less claustrophobic if you just declutter some of the things you have in the house.

If you are great at DIY projects, putting in a little elbow grease can go a long way. Being able to build furnishings or a storage container that is just the right size for what you need, might be the best way to fit loose items into a small space in your apartment. Not everyone lives in the kind of home that can be customized, but if you do, it is highly recommend taking out the tools and getting creative.



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Armand Candea

Armand Candea is a founding partner of Candea Development in Chicago and writes about real estate news.